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Pull Up Bar – 2020 Best Pull Up Bars Review

Want a great workout without an expensive gym membership?

Enter the Pull Up Bar!

This one device can work so many muscles it’s hard to count them all.

If you’ve ever seen the back of a lean mountain climber you know exactly what I mean. Pulling yourself up is a serious workout.

For those who can’t do a pull up, a pull up bar is still a great tool. Just choose the best pull up bar, then pull up a chair. Put one leg on the chair and do assisted pull ups.

There’s no need for fancy gym equipment like a pull up tower or free standing pull up bar station. You can get a doorway pull up bar and be ready to go in just a few short minutes.

The rest of your success depends on sitting down and doing the work. Or in this case, standing up and pulling the work to you!

SmashGoods is currently reviewing the best pull up bars on the market now. Why? Good question. It’s so we can find what’s best about every pull up bar and combine all these features into one super high quality pull up bar.

That’s right. The SmashGoods Pull Up Bar will be the highest quality piece of workout equipment you can buy. And if we can be so certain, it’s probably also the single best exercise you can do for total body strength and power development.

Right now the SmashGoods Pull Up Bar is still in initial design phases. Then we’ll move to production and update this page with details. I hope you come back to see it when it’s all done.

Thanks for stopping by. Please come back again in a few weeks when the design is complete and the SmashGoods Pull Up Bar is available to buy online.


Team SmashGoods