Dr Sock Soothers

Dr Sock Soothers

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Dr Sock Soothers – They’re a compression sock product that claims to fix all sorts of things, from plantar fasciitis to leg swelling to ankle pain. But do they work? Or are they a scam?

We dug deep into customer reviews and the overall science behind Dr Sock Soothers compression leg sleeves. These products, at their core, are simply ankle height compression socks. They’re toeless and don’t go much above the ankle, making them more like an ankle splint than anything else.

What separates Dr Sock Soothers from other Compression Socks? Mainly… marketing. There seems to be a lot of money behind pushing this product to consumers. It’s mostly fluff and nonsense though.

You heard that right. Dr Sock Soothers may be the closest thing to a scam we’ve found. How can we be so sure? Mainly, the one size fits all product. First off, it’s a garment. How many products in your closet are “one size fits all”. Your pants? T-shirts? Dresses? Ok, maybe dresses, but even that’s a bit weird. Would you buy a “one size fits all” dress and expect it to fit you correctly? Nope. What about a compressive garment like a compression sock?

Well there you have it. Dr Sock Soothers are mostly hype and hot air. There are better options out there for compression socks. And that’s what we want to help you find. A good pair of compression socks.

Stop by again in a week or two and we’ll have our full report on ” Doc Socks ” and all the alternative products you can check out if you’re interested.

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