SmashGoods reviews Loofahs for 2020.

I get it. You’re in the shower, dirty from a hard day’s work. And that bar of soap just isn’t cutting it. Not that it doesn’t do, you know, soapy stuff (lathering and whatnot). It just doesn’t get your actual skin clean. Dirt and grim is still stuck there.

You can use a wash cloth, but that’s equally unhelpful.

What do you need?

A loofah perhaps!

A loofah is a plastic or organic material item that you can use to help scrub and exfoliate your skin. They’re perfect in the shower. Some people even use them at the sink for facials and face treatments.

If you go to a high end spa, they may use a loofah as well. Although they may be using one with a handle. Your home model may be a free standing version that you just hold in your hand to use quickly and easily.

Either way, you want a decent quality loofah at a good price. It’s not a make-or-break item that must absolutely be perfect. But it is something you should have on hand in your shower for proper personal care. After all, clean skin is happy skin.

We’re currently reviewing the top loofahs for 2020. We look at all the best loofahs and decide which one is right for you.

Check back soon and we’ll have all the top model loofah’s reviewed and examined for your viewing pleasure. We want you to have the best skin possible. Let’s help achieve this together with a quality loofah!

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